About us

Bringing the happenings

About Sai TV

A Standalone Free to Air Tamil Devotional Satellite Television Channel under the name and style of “Sai TV” – (permitted by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, New Delhi in their permission letter dated 13t May, 2016) – as and from 9th day of March, 2017 to satisfy the long felt desires of the devotees of Shri Satguru Shirdi Sai Babha mainly in Tamil language and supplemented in other sister languages of our neighbours

Bringing the happenings like Arathis, Abishegham, Upanyasams, Baba’s life and times, Satcharithas, Bajans, Songs and Stories from Shird Sai Baba Mandir from all over the world and spiritual happenings relating to other religious gods and goddesses and renowned temples all over India and also other religions to the viewer’s drawing room with a high resolution video and audio quality

Mr.M.Ganeson, is son of Mr.P.Mani, a reputed movie maker in Tamil Cinema Industry who had the privilege of association with movie stalwarts of his time. Hailing from such background, with early grooming in the industry, and a natural inclination towards religion and Bakthi, it was a logical step to decide on starting his own religious Television channel.


Our Values

Integrity and respect guide our conduct internally and externally
We strive for excellence in everything we do
Creating programmes enriched with the content which benefits the body, mind and soul
Programmes which shows the personal faith in action, from a “committed” , subjective and involved point of view